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  • Why should I choose a prepaid plan?
    With a prepaid plan for our chauffeur service you will save 20-45% on out standard rates depending on the plan chosen. You can store your favourite addresses and preferences to ease the booking procedure and make sure your preferred driver will be assigned to your trip if possible.
  • How do you count the hours?
    Bookings are calcuted from/to our garage at Bredgade, Central Copenhagen. The minimum booking is 1 hour. After 1 hour we count every started half hour. Example on a one way trip: Vedbæk to Central Copenhagen Garage to pick up location = 24 minutes Pick up location to drop off location = 28 minutes Drop off location to garage = 6 minutes Total = 58 minutes (1 hour deducted from your prepaid account)
  • How late can I book a service
    You a guaranteed a car if you book 24 hours in advance. You are always welcome to request a car last minute, however we can not guarentee availability for last minute bookings.
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