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Copenhagen Concierges X Den Danske Naturfond (The Danish Nature Fund)

In Denmark we have many beautiful and unique natural landscapes. From the stormy shores to pristine, enchanted woods and gently rolling wildflower meadows. But many of the wildlife and plants that used to be common here are now endangered because their habitats are disappearing. We need to reverse this trend. Together with the Danish Nature Fund and our valued customers, we are making our contribution to rewilding Denmark.

Throughout February, Copenhagen Concierges donates DKK 1.50 per kilometre driven by our two newest 100% electric limousines, namely our Mercedes-Benz EQV and the very latest Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+. It costs only DKK 12 to save a square metre of high quality Danish natural habitat worthy of conservation. On a typical trip from Copenhagen Airport to the inner city, we drive approx. 25 kilometres. This corresponds to 3 m2 more nature per trip. A trip from Copenhagen to Aarhus in an EQS can now run purely on battery power without needing a charging stop! Such a trip can fund the conservation of almost 80 m2 of unspoiled nature. Book at or through our online booking >> You can read more about the Danish Nature Fund’s work at 100% of the donation goes without any deductions to the acquisition and conservation of more natural habitat in Denmark. #sustainabletravel #zeroemissions #limousineservice #dendanskenaturfond #copenhagenconcierges #executivetravel #groundtransportation #greentransport #chauffeurservice

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