New Coronavirus (COVID-19): information and safety precautions

Opdateret: 15. dec. 2020

Copenhagen Concierges are continuously staying updated on the current situation and will be following the guidelines issued by the Danish authorities.

Training and precautions

- Drivers health conditions are closely monitored throughout the day

- All drivers are trained by health professionals in handling passengers and vehicles through Covid19

- Vehicles are disinfected on all touchpoint before and after each ride

- Copenhagen Concierges offer to have the driver tested for Covid19 within 1-hour prior a booking (additional cost of DKK 995 added to booking price)

Amneties in vehicles

- Single packed medical face masks (Type II) are available to all passengers

- Personal 30 ml. hand sanitizer sprays available for all passengers

We understand the need for flexibility with travel bookings in these difficult times and offer cancellations and alterations free of charge up to 2 hours prior to pick up until further notice.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your booking, please do not hesitate to contact us, at +45 70 70 72 60.

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