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Welcome to your private residence in Copenhagen

Your home away from home, where stories were told for generations and memories are created.

Villa Canada - The ultimate experience of luxury and privacy

Visit Copenhagen and explore the Danish capital’s renowned gastronomic scene, iconic attractions, and cultural life, while staying at Villa Canada – your private luxury home experience.

Staying at Villa Canada is the ultimate experience of exclusive residential living – you have the entire villa at your disposal. Live in the interior that wows the eyes and meets the world’s highest standards and let their in-house staff take care of all your needs 24 hours with unwavering service.

Villa Canada is Copenhagen’s most exclusive full house private residence and luxurious living space. Here you will have the essential feeling of being yourself, free from obligations and constraints.


Your Residence - A private residence exclusively yours

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Welcome to your private residence in Copenhagen.

Your stay in Villa Canada is a full-service package. During your stay the entire Villa is exclusively yours. Live in state-of-the-art designs and facilities of the highest standards, while their in-house staff welcomes you with 5-star service and takes care of all your needs 24 hours.

Behind the discrete gated entrance, two luxury suites, five deluxe double rooms, all with ensuite marble bathrooms, three spacious living rooms, a conference room, private nightclub, state-of-the-art fitness, spa and wellness facilities, a farmer’s kitchen, in-house dining opportunities and sunny terraces await your next visit.

Villa Canada offers residents and their businesses an elevated experience of the Danish capital and a wide range of opportunities for social gatherings, off-sites, discrete meetings, and special events as well as bespoke private dining, with the finest gastronomy from renowned culinary profiles.

Whether travelling for leisure, business, or both, Villa Canada is the pinnacle of Copenhagen and the essential residence for sophisticated visitors in Denmark. Our house will be one to remember. 

Accommodation & Facilities

Villa Canada offers you a private and luxurious residential living space - with the entire Villa exclusively at your disposal.

Private Dining

Have Copenhagen’s famous gastronomic scene brought to you and experience a unique private dining evening in Villa Canada.

The Villa Team

Villa Canada’s resident team welcomes you with unwavering standards and takes care of all your needs 24 hours. Every experience will be fine-tuned to your taste and wishes.


Are you travelling for business purposes? Villa Canada’s conference room can seat up to 8 people and offers a discrete and professional location for any business meeting.

In central Copenhagen, a beautiful avenue runs from Østerport Station to Lille Triangel. The Champs-Elysées like street was named Dag Hammarskjölds Allé in 1962 in honour of UN Secretary-General, Dag Hammarskjöld, who died in a plane crash in 1961. Behind the rows of linden trees in number 26 is a grand villa, which for more than 60 years housed the Canadian Embassy and Canadian ambassadors stationed in Denmark.

Designed by architect Albert Oppenheim the mansion from 1918 was bought by the Kirk Johansen family in 2011. Since then, the spaces of the grand villa have been refurbished to recapture their former glory. As original features like the carved staircase and decorative hand-painted wallpapers have been preserved the interior is dominated by a colourful style and far from the douche palettes of the renowned Scandinavian minimalism. In 2022, an annexe with a cosy farmers’ kitchen and orangery was built along with a private nightclub and a big sun terrace. For more than a decade the Kirk Johansen family has restored the place, and is now opening the doors to the old embassy.

Inspired by the building’s legacy and shaping its future, the name Villa Canada was born. Added a personal and homely touch by adding “Villa” to Canada, because this is what Villa Canada is all about – “A home away from home – where stories were told for generations and memories are created”. Villa Canada also honours the history of the house with a maple leaf in its logo.

A grand building created with great care and given a special purpose. In this heralded residence you are not visiting, you are living. It is the supreme in accommodation – an uncompromising experience of luxury and privacy.

The History - A Grand Villa

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